Ive been in Prague for about 3 days now and every moment has been breath taking. Before the this trip began the expected weather  was supposed to be storming and cold.  But, fortunately every day here has been beautiful.

As a class we’ve already visited so many business and historic sites. We have visited the civic institute, where we learned about the history and the economics condition of the Czech Republic. We also visited Leo Burnett,  where we learned about the advertisement and marketing in Czech Republic.

There were many similar the economic conditions  and marketing  strategies between the US and Czech Republic. However the main differences stemmed from one key thing. Czech people have a complicated communistic history. This has effected their culture cause them to have little or no respect for authority and have a dark/satirical sense of humor.

To learn about the culture and history of Czech Republic we did a scavenger hunt around the city of Prague.  On the 2 hour walk we saw the magnificent Charles bridge, john Leon wall, and more! Although we were the last group to finish we completed the most task and won the special prize.

My time here in Prague is coming to end ,but there is still so much more to explore as I am face to face with Czech Republic.



Damn, I’m exhausted!

Today was my last day here in Germany and I glad to say weve done all but one thing on our check list.  From palaces and castles to street markets and museums, Germany was no disappointment.

I love that every thing here is has so much history and culture. In the United States you would never be able to find a building from the 1400’s. It is truly amazing how the culture is preserved and still continues thrive today.

I also have a love/hate relationship with their public transportation, it’s basically walking. Over the last 3 days, I’ve accumulated over 40,000 steps. I love that you can that a subway and walk anywhere you like, but damn was not prepared.  I’m not sure my legs can survive another 3 weeks.  All I know is the calories I burn from walking will definitely balance out all the food I’ll  be eating.

I wish we could stay long here because there is so much more to do and to learn. But I would like to say “Danke” to Geremany for allowing me to come face to face with your culture, history, people and food. Until next time, Tschüs!


Day 1

After a full day of traveling I can’t believe we’re finally here! For a second I thought we weren’t going to make it. Both of our flights were delayed,  it took hours for us to get our bags, and we barely made our train.

However, after a frantic day of travels and my first successful train ride,  we made it to Stutgart, Germany.

We’ve been here for less than 24 hours and I am already in love with this place. We are staying with Mikayla’s friend Luisa. Her apartment is in the center of the city and it couldn’t be more prefect, it is walking distance from every thing!

Luisa is probably one of the most amazing people I’ve meet.  She is fluent in 4 languages, works, attends university , and has traveled to more place then I could ever imagine. I don’t know how she does it.

I’ve learned so much from her already. We talked all night about the German culture, a few German phrase, tasted some amazing south German food, and of course we had to try German beer!

We are only in Germany for 2 more days and the list of things to do has already stacked up.  Hope we can get to do all of it.

It’s still hard to believe all of this is really happening. So I have to remember to take a breath and enjoy every moment as I am face to face with Germany.

Life is about taking risks.

As a young adult, a person in their early 20’s, you would think that risk-taking and adventures are a daily routine. However, I find my self settling into every day routines.  I want to take this time in my life ,while I am young before i start my career and a family, to explore and adventure around the world.

I grew up in a very diverse culture and I believe it has helped me to grow and shape me into the young woman I am today.  I am ready to learn and appreciate many more cultures and continue to grow.

This month I will be taking one of the biggest risk by far in my life.  I will be studying abroad in 5 different European countries.  This Risk does have some fail safes though. I will be traveling with a group of students from my University.

Either way, I am more than excited to take this risk  and to be face to face with the World.